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Career Success Tip: Get a Mentor

Dr. William E. Engelbrecht remains one of my greatest mentors. Not only did he advise me on ways to further investigate anthropology/archaeology and find courses and jobs that would prepare me for my career as an anthropologists, Dr. E also gave me a tremendous amount of support when I just needed to bounce some ideas off someone. For all my students and clients, I advise they find mentors to serve as sounding boards AND provide guidance on investigating careers and finding jobs that would help them build relevant experience (with which to better compete for jobs) and truly test out if the career/major was a good fit.

On a personal note, your help Dr. E helped me tremendously, more than words can say. I am eternally grateful to you just as my parents are grateful to you for your guidance.

For everyone reading this, find mentors within your field to help guide your career path. Doing so will help you fine-tune your career search so you find the best fit, profession-wise.

P.s. Dear Dr. E, I will be continuing my excavations this summer and will provide you with a report of my findings  🙂

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