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HulkBusted… Those Pesky Facebook Super Sales

I am assuming Facebook takes its members seriously and wants to offer nothing but the best in service. That’s an assumption I have for all entities I do business with or through. Now, I suffer from severe Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, so I am kinda extra careful. When I saw an ad on Facebook for a diecast model of the Hulkbuster statue (normally priced over $500), of course my Spidey-senses (aka OCD) were more than tingling (picture instead blaring sirens going off in my head). Now, a major part of my job is processing and analyzing statistics. Statistically, I knew this was unlikely to be anything other than a scam. Selling the item for $34.98 after shipping costs… are you kidding me? SCAM-ALERT!

What I thought I was supposed to get was the new Hulkbuster from Comicave at an amazingly discounted price:

[Photo: What I actually received]

For the record, Comicave Studios’ Hulkbuster looks amazing and well-worth the cost ($450-$500+ dollars). I jut don’t have that kind of money to spend (just did some major home and car repairs). But, I did happen to have $34.98 I could risk on what I knew was a HIGH-RISK venture. And this just potentially seemed like a great blogpost for my site. I did a small freelance writing project one weekend and then purchased said Hulkbuster statue with the money I earned for an hour’s work on a Saturday, sitting on my deck with my pet chipmunk curled at my feet. Then I waited. And waited. I knew the item was being shipped from China, so I figured IF I was actually sent the item, it would take a while. Now, let me tell ya… I was FLABBERGHASTED when I received an email update stating the item was on its way and had made it to a shipping center in China. For the love of God, I was being shipped SOMETHING! Now, I didn’t get my hopes up – my Spidey senses were still in high gear, and those senses did not disappoint. What eventually arrived was what appears to be a knockoff of a cheaply made, much smaller-sized Hulkbuster PLASTIC action figure complete with arm and leg joints that were as loose as cooked spaghetti.

Mind you, I am still shocked that I received anything, let alone something remotely like the diecast Hulkbuster 1:12 Scale Figure I ordered. Still, this whole experience showed just how laughable ads/businesses selling collectables on Facebook can be. To Facebook, all I can ask is “do you do ANY verification of what is sold via your online Thunderdome? Seriously?” Do you? I imagine that a lot of these bogus products get sold every single day (the sites sell tech gadgets, wigs and general household products and randomly sell Marvel products and other scifi/fantasy collectables… HELLO).

For retailers… I imagine Facebook links are great for generating sales. For consumers, you need to be extra, extra careful. Just sayin.

Anyway, I have done my due diligence and emailed the company that sold me the item. Go figure, they are not responding to my email requesting they make things right. Further, the name of the company and their web domain changed. I still email them, using their new email address.

Yeah, I could find Carmen Sandiego anytime so these twits were easy to track down.

Who knows? Maybe I will get a response (I like to think they were shocked when I tracked them down again). In the meantime, for anyone looking to purchase items via a link on Facebook, especially sales of collectibles that drop $500 products down to less than $50, think twice. Hell… think three or four times, and then find a reputable online retailer like or and get the item through them. Those stores generally have amazing prices with incredible customer service. Seriously, I love and! They rock!

Moral of the story… if it seems to be too good to be true…

Ah, Hell, just don’t buy drastically reduced collectables through Facebook links unless it’s money you can afford to lose. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I need to send a humorous reminder email to a certain online store.

p.s. Comicave has some amazing products out and even more on the way. Check them out!

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