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Hulkbusted… Update…. Revenge of the Hulkbuster

So, where were we? Oh, the Hulkbuster thingy! I did hear back from the company that sold me the Hulkbuster statue/action figure. Let’s just say I was shocked when they finally responded to my emails (I was gonna stop by their address, but China is kinda far to drive let alone the whole tranversing the ocean thingy). Anyhow… I guess they realized I was going to continue contacting them (and tracking their sorry butts down), so they asked me what was wrong with what I received. They never really provided a clear response regarding the fact that they were advertising one thing and selling another. Haven’t heard from Facebook regarding this sham company. Moving on.

Still wanting a Hulkbuster, I ended up going to Amazon and finding Jada’s Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron – 6″ Hulkbuster & 2″ Iron Man. Very cool item that now resides in my collection. Made of sturdy diecast with an absolutely amazing paint job! I highly recommend it! Well done, Jada! As for the company I purchased the item from, Happy Cheese Kings, incredible seller who responded quickly to queries and provided exceptional customer service throughout!

Find ‘Happy Cheese Kings’ storefront here:

Moving on, I still am trying to connect with Facebook to discuss the scam ads. I’ll let you know if I hear back from them. In the meantime, if you are looking at purchasing #Marvel collectibles (or any type of collectibles for that matter) through #Facebook… think twice. I think you would be better off going through a reputable online retailer (Happy Cheese Kings is definitely on my list of trusted stores). Just my opinion… based on research and 47 years of shopping experience (okay, I don’t really recall my first 3.5 years on Earth, but I think you get the gist). Take care!

p.s. I would love to hear of hobby shops anyone else recommends  🙂

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