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Interview Question Prep: What do you know about our company?

Nervous about a job interview you have coming up? Wondering what questions you will be asked? One question you should definitely prep for is “what do you know about our company?” Hiring managers and hiring committee members often ask this question, and they are often less than supportive of interviewees who don’t know much about a company they are interviewing with. Why? For many interviewers, if you haven’t researched the company, they will see you as not serious about the job and viewing it as a mere stepping stone to something better (in other words they will see you as someone who won’t stay long). We’ve all had a colleague who was less than energetic at work, someone who was lazy, incompetent and/or never really ‘present’ at work. If you haven’t researched the company, your interviewers will likely think you will be such an unhelpful employee/colleague. So, when you prep for a job interview, research the company you are interviewing with. You should know their history (their founder and years in existence). You should know the company’s greatest achievements and it’s main objectives and client base. Research the company’s 5 and 10 year goals so you know what direction is planned (this information will provide great insight into how to frame your answers to other questions). Research major clients the company has. Learn about what charities/non-profits the company supports. Being knowledgeable of this information will portray you as someone who is professional, competent, and truly interested in becoming a successful member of the company.

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