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Freelancing: New Year – New Possibilities

Forget new year resolutions! You should be setting and working towards goals at all times! For the new year, I recommend you take a moment to congratulate yourself for the goals you achieved while also evaluating the world stage to identify ways to better manage your remaining goals. Considering the economy, your finances, your spare time, and your hobbies/interests, you can start to assess if there are immediate actions you can take to move yourself along towards completing one or more goals. As for your career and finances, freelancing opportunities are endless, providing multiple ways for individuals to earn extra cash, build experience and make business connections (Networking). I utilize to find writing gigs, with most of my work focused on résumé, cover letter and blog writing. Yet, sites like offer an array of freelancing outlets covering professions including artists, editors, graphic designers, website developers, electricians, photographers, software developers, accountants, HR specialists, SEO specialists, data entry professionals, customer service specialists, and legal experts (paralegals and lawyers). Many jobs are looking for consultants in areas ranging from Biology and Chemistry to Psychology and Sociology. So, whether you are a history graduate, a high school graduate, a person holding an associate’s degree in business administration, or a person with interests and even a little experience related to any number of fields/hobbies, try freelancing. There are many outlets for freelancers looking for work (like Regarding earnings from freelance work, consult with an accountant or tax professional to make certain you learn the ins and outs of any and all tax requirements (including social security payments, state taxes, federal taxes, etc.). Happy Freelancing!

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