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Be a “Digital Pioneer”

The older I get, the more I believe that “digital native” is not generational. I don’t even know if being digitally native is truly a thing. Gen-Xers like me were digital pioneers being the young generation that drove the explosion of web-based applications during the 90s. Millennials and Baby Boomers likewise were digital pioneers in their own right (Boomers definitely don’t get credit they deserve). Me, I have been in a life-long battle with OCD, part of which makes it difficult to touch any technology without then spending a long time washing my hands for reasons space here doesn’t warrant. Yet, as someone who has never owned a cell phone and never texted, I am constantly helping those younger and older individuals manage apps, cell phone basics, and computer programming of varying kinds. I get what people mean by “digital native,” but the Internet has been around since before I was born in 1971. While my family couldn’t afford a computer, most of my friends did as did schools I attended. Digital resources are simply more woven into our lives now. Yet, while a good number of us are more digitally inclined and more invested in keeping current, most people of every generation tend to fall behind technological advances, which leaves the door open for those of us willing to stay current on technological trends. Forget the “digital native” branding. Remain a digital pioneer.

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