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Summer is here!!! Now be careful!

Summer is here… finally. I know, a lot of the country has been battling extreme weather with flooding, storms and scorching temperatures since May. Yet, now sunshine and warmer temps are spreading allowing for people to head outdoors. Please be mindful of the sun as skin cancer is a concern for people of all ages. Those of us battling skin conditions like Vitiligo are even more vulnerable to damage caused by sunlight. At the very least, sunblock is a must with a minimum of SPF 30. Reapplying continually per doctor recommendations is key to assuring you maintain the best protection throughout the day. Another option is to purchase clothing designed with weaves that provide SPF protection equivalent to 50 SPF and above. A field archaeologist, I never go outside without wearing L.L. Bean tropicwear shirts (50 SPF). Such apparel provides the protection we need while also not requiring us to keep lathering on sunblock and its host of chemicals. Just food for thought. Have a great summer everyone!

Thank you LL Bean for helping me enjoy the outdoors again.

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