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Remain Cool at Work: Comfort Zone Fan

No AC at Work? No Worries!

Not everyone has the luxury of working in an air-conditioned office. I’m sorta kinda in that situation. The building I work in has no AC, but my darling wife purchased me a portable AC unit for an anniversary gift. Yet, when I work at home or I go to another person’s office to fix any number of technical issues, I find myself without AC. Fortunately, my wife also introduced me to a USB Fan. Literally, a fan that you can connect to any USB port. So, as long as you have a laptop, desktop or USB power pack, all you need to do is hook up this fan and you will have airflow. My wife’s fan is a Comfort Zone DC 5V. It generate a very repectable breeze that comes in handy both in the office environment AND when we are camping or traveling out of state and staying in hotels. A really cool thing about this fan (no pun intended) is that I found that it didn’t drain my laptop battery all that much. I was expecting there to been a significant drain while writing outdoors. However, I found that there was no significant difference on the longevity of my laptop’s battery charge between using and not using the fan. At a cost near just $15, I give this product 4 out of 5 Stars. So, if you need a fan to travel with or for your office, check out Comfort Zone’s USB fans. FYI – the fan comes with an adapter so you can also plug it into a regular wall outlet.

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