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College Opens – Get to Work Now!

Students will be returning to campuses nationwide during the next few weeks, and the weight of college costs will be most evident as students spend a ton of money on textbooks and other supplies. Problem is, a lot of the textbooks purchase never get used by the student spending $150 per book (understandably, those students struggle to do well in classes). Then there are the students who purchase the textbook and then read assigned chapters in the days before the respective test or quiz. Again, these students rarely do well in classes if the even pass the class at semester’s end. For students, don’t fall into such habits. Keep up on assigned reading; it’s hard to truly understand and retain textbook information if you attempt to cram-read in the days before a test). Complete homework (even if the professor says it won’t be graded). Attend classes; poor attendance often leads to failing grades. Set up study groups during the first 3 weeks of the semester; study groups are more effective when utilized over a course of a semester rather than in just a week before the final exam. Attend tutors; tutors are there to help you master the subject matter of a course. There is no shame in asking a tutor for help.

Am I being a nag? Okay, maybe. However, semesters go by quick, and soon students find they’ve attended the first week of class and seconds later it’s final exam time. For 4 to 5 years, your job is to complete your education and successfully attain a college degree, a trade diploma, or a similar education related to your career goals. Given the tens of thousands of dollars you are spending on your education, do you really want to waste your time and money?

Good luck to all as you enter the new semester and academic year!

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