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New Website for Freelancers:

Dear Fellow Freelancers:

I hope you are well. I would like to share with you about an exciting new global freelancing platform where small business owners and freelancers can connect and collaborate remotely:

Entrepreneurs can hire top-notch freelancers, exchange services, and connect with ideal co-founders.

JoBarter aims to address some of the major challenges facing freelancers in online marketplaces by providing them the options and convenience to achieve their business goals in one single platform. Here are some of the benefits for joining JoBarter:

• Members directly exchange skills and services without the use of money

• Bidding system so that members will always get the most affordable service rate

• Seamlessly connect with hirers, freelancers, co-founders, partners, and advisors

If you have any questions, and need help with signing up, send a message to

My profile is up and set. See everyone there!

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