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Midterm Assessment

The midpoint of the semester is here! I know, that time went by fast, right?! That said, there is still a lot of time for students to improve their performance in classes and get better grades. For the midterm, to prepare yourself for the second half of the semester, consider the following steps:

1) Find out your overall grade in each class. If you don’t know your grades, ask your professors for updates.

2) Utilizing tutoring services. Most colleges have free tutoring services for students. The problem is most students don’t use tutoring. FYI – students who are doing well in classes are usually the same students who routinely work with tutors.

3) Get any and all late assignments completed and submitted. If you are behind in work, catch up by using evening and weekends to get projects, papers and other graded assignments completed. Spring Break is also a good time to catch up on work (summer break will be here soon enough so focus on coursework now!

4) Meet with professors for assistance. We professors are here to help students learn. We want students to see us after class or during office hours to address questions. Please don’t be embarrassed in asking for help.

There is a plan of action for all college students for midterms. You are spending a lot for your education; get the most for your money by sacrificing time now to learn course material and excel on class tests, quizzes and other assessments. But don’t wait. Time goes by fast.

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