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Seeking Calm and Direction During the Unemployment Storm

To say the economy is in rough shape is an understatement. Many individuals have lost their jobs as the pandemic shuts down communities and businesses alike.

The world is in chaos. This WILL pass!

I know it’s hard to hear and accept this, but those who are unemployed or under-employed need to find a way to calm and focus during this time. I lost my job just before my wedding (my last day of work was 8 days before the ceremony), so I understand how overwhelming losing a job can be. But, you need to get grounded and focused in order to weather this storm. First, reach out to family, friends, mentors and past colleagues for support. This Network will be instrumental in helping you come to terms with your job loss. This same Network will also likely be pivotal in you learning about job openings in the near and distant future.

Sites like, and can provide FREEresources for seaching for job openings relevant to you field/skill sets, advice for aceing a job interview, and guidance for creating a kick-ass resume/CV. You are not alone and the resources available today is infinitely larger than what I had access to in 2003, when I was laid off. Take time to get grounded, and make certain you enlist the support of friends and family in confronting this disaster. Then, get your resume in order and start your career search. You WILL get through this and gain employment again. Take care.

P.S. Message me on Twitter should you have any career search related questions. I will happily assist anyone seeking help. For those wondering, I am not taking any clients for the forseeable future so I can devote time to providing Free support to job seekers through Twitter and my website, PROFESSIONWISE.COM.

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