Pursuing Your Career

Ways to avoid buyer’s remorse with your choice of college degree/ major


Every fall semester, I inevitably have 1 or more seniors stop by my office to inform me that they no longer wish to pursue the major they’ve spent 3+ years… pursuing. In some instances, the student has considerable course completions in a major (usually a minor) they now hope to pursue. This change in direction …

New Website for Freelancers:


Dear Fellow Freelancers: I hope you are well. I would like to share with you about an exciting new global freelancing platform where small business owners and freelancers can connect and collaborate remotely: Entrepreneurs can hire top-notch freelancers, exchange services, and connect with ideal co-founders. JoBarter aims to address some of the major challenges …

Building Your Network: Get to Know Your Professors and Trainers


I’ve written and presented at conferences on the importance of professors/trainers for undergraduates and/or apprentices, the latter group pursuing a trade (The Career-Minded Student). Essentially, these educators can help students fine-tune their skills and better understand career options beyond what any textbook or training manuael can provide. Questioning professors or trainers can help a student …

College Loan Repayment Assistance: A Potential Salary Perk


Thomas Sullivan’s book, COLLEGE…WITHOUT THE EXCESSIVE DEBT, paints a grim reality. Students on average graduate with between 30K—35K in debt (Sullivan 2019:4). That’s a haunting statistic. His very short book provides a great blueprint for how students can avoid loans (for the most part if not altogether). Students continually using scholarship search engines to find …

Cutting College Costs


I’ve been involved in the higher education field for over twenty years, 16 years of which I have worked full time as an academic and career counselor for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I myself was part of the program I now work for and have my own experience being a first-generation college student. My parents …