Pursuing Your Career

Interview Tip #11: Be comfortable, but not too comfortable.


Of all the bits of interview advice I’e heard, few are as dangerous as the following: Joke around … be comfortable and make the setting comfortable. Ummm… yeah, you need to be careful here.Yes, you are in a tense situation when interviewing and finding a way to relax. Smiling and laughing (sincerely) when an interviewer …

Interview Question Prep: What do you know about our company?


Nervous about a job interview you have coming up? Wondering what questions you will be asked? One question you should definitely prep for is “what do you know about our company?” Hiring managers and hiring committee members often ask this question, and they are often less than supportive of interviewees who don’t know much about …

A “Summary of Qualifications”? Yes, They are Effective


I had a client last year who was understandably frustrated as the client’s job search had been fruitless, which is why the individual reached out to me. In our initial conversations, I reviewed the client’s résumé and discussed with the individual their career plans and goals. After explaining my format of résumé writing, the client …