Pursuing Your Career

Job Interview Essentials – What Do You Know About Our Company?


I can’t recall ever participating in an interview (as either interviewer or interviewee) where someone didn’t ask “what do you know about our company? It is one of the top 5 questions asked by interviewers, and the answer an interviewee gives to that question better not be “I don’t know much.” Now, before the late …

Midterm Assessment


The midpoint of the semester is here! I know, that time went by fast, right?! That said, there is still a lot of time for students to improve their performance in classes and get better grades. For the midterm, to prepare yourself for the second half of the semester, consider the following steps: 1) Find …

Ways to avoid buyer’s remorse with your choice of college degree/ major


Every fall semester, I inevitably have 1 or more seniors stop by my office to inform me that they no longer wish to pursue the major they’ve spent 3+ years… pursuing. In some instances, the student has considerable course completions in a major (usually a minor) they now hope to pursue. This change in direction …

New Website for Freelancers:


Dear Fellow Freelancers: I hope you are well. I would like to share with you about an exciting new global freelancing platform where small business owners and freelancers can connect and collaborate remotely: Entrepreneurs can hire top-notch freelancers, exchange services, and connect with ideal co-founders. JoBarter aims to address some of the major challenges …