Pursuing Your Career

College Loan Repayment Assistance: A Potential Salary Perk


Thomas Sullivan’s book, COLLEGE…WITHOUT THE EXCESSIVE DEBT, paints a grim reality. Students on average graduate with between 30K—35K in debt (Sullivan 2019:4). That’s a haunting statistic. His very short book provides a great blueprint for how students can avoid loans (for the most part if not altogether). Students continually using scholarship search engines to find …

Cutting College Costs


I’ve been involved in the higher education field for over twenty years, 16 years of which I have worked full time as an academic and career counselor for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I myself was part of the program I now work for and have my own experience being a first-generation college student. My parents …

Recruiting: Make Time


For those who have ever participated in efforts to hire new staff members, it will comes as no surprise that the recruiting process is often long, exhausting, frustrating, and costly. Matters get worse if at the end of a search, no one among the interviewed is hired. Now, I get that recruiters and members of …

“You have a month.” Find a way to learn needed skills!


My first position, paid, as a field archaeologist was as a teaching assistant for Dr. Eill Engelbrecht working on a Iroquoian site dating back to the 1500s. The year was 1992. There were 5 teaching assistants, the other 4 were grad students while I was a rising Junior/undergrad. The experience was filled with excitement and …

Be a “Digital Pioneer”


The older I get, the more I believe that “digital native” is not generational. I don’t even know if being digitally native is truly a thing. Gen-Xers like me were digital pioneers being the young generation that drove the explosion of web-based applications during the 90s. Millennials and Baby Boomers likewise were digital pioneers in …